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Fact Or Faked On Syfy

“I WANT TO BELIEVE.” It was the poster on the wall of Agent Mulder’s office in “The X-Files.” Well, I want to believe too, damnit. Syfy’s “Fact Or Faked, Paranormal Files” does something that I do, myself. They look for … Continue reading

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Luciano’s Costumes (or “Who wouldn’t want to be a superhero?”)

The moment the door opened, I knew this visit would be something different. But then, knowing Luciano, I should have expected that. This house is a comic book nerd’s dream home. Curio cabinets stand full of action figures and exact … Continue reading

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I’ll admit right off– I’m not a scone fan.  But my husband is.  He loves them.  He says, the drier the better.  Yuck.  He’s like my father.  When I was a kid and my mother was sick, the best my … Continue reading

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The Simple Things In Life

I served breakfast to the Short Person who’s spending the summer with me. He sez, “I don’t like toast, Mutti, but I love Nutella.” I sez, “If you don’t like the toast, give it up. I love toast with Nutella.” … Continue reading

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Call of The Wildman On Animal Planet

Call Of The Wildman on Animal Planet I gave DUCK DYNASTY a chance and was pleasantly surprised.  Feeling accepting of cultures that aren’t my own (rednecks), I decided to try Animal Planet’s CALL OF THE WILDMAN. I’m going to say … Continue reading

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Oh, the places you’ll go

Cruising the Internet the other day, I stumbled on this amazingly zany and inspiring video. This video reminded me of the brilliance of Dr. Suess. It also opened a window to a world that might belong in one of his … Continue reading

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The Undiscovered Land.

I crave the unexpected, the new; the undiscovered land. I think, had I lived in centuries past, I would have signed up for any attempt to circumnavigate the globe or find the mythical Northwest Passage or journey to China. This … Continue reading

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