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Here we go again… Restaurant Rant!

My husband says I’m a real bitch when it comes to food.  Guilty as charged. I’m still gagging over Friday night.  This was the second time we’ve been invited by another couple to meet for dinner at a restaurant of … Continue reading

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Jaye’s marvelous experiment with flash fiction or fanfic over on her site, Must Love Fiction, made me think about the way I mentally rewrite stories in my head~ as in fanfic.  I also realized I rewrite food. Do you ever … Continue reading

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This is why I’ll take Tannya’s Taquiera any day-

  Fresh, hot, homemade flour tortillas. Tender shredded white meat chicken in mole sauce. Nicely seasoned refried beans with cheese. (I give the rice to my husband cuz he loves it.) Fresh guacamole. Mexican crema. Jalapenos. Radishes. Shredded lettuce. Thin … Continue reading

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Deconstructing a Restaurant Meal.

My husband says I’m annoying.  I don’t mean to be, I’m just picky.  I’ve always been a picky eater with a sensitive palate– which is probably why I secretly loathe broccoli although I will force myself to eat it. Consider … Continue reading

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