JW Manus

Who am I?

I’m known by several names. My friends call me Jaye. I wrote 17 novels using the pen name Sheryl Lynn. I would like to be addressed as O Great and Wise Empress and Ruler of All the Universe, but I’ve yet to convince anyone to call me that. I’m also known by some of the things I do.

The Obsessanator. Go ahead, google it, you’ll see.




Writer. I’ve been writing professionally for twenty years. Here’s what that looks like:

A trunk full of author copies.

Reader. Insatiable and voracious. Stories are my passion, my comfort, my inspiration, my friends. I love books in all sizes, shapes and forms. Tell me a good story and I’ll be your friend for life.

Blogger. Blogging has opened up new worlds for me. It gives me an outlet for all the stuff crowding inside my head. With my writing blog, JW Manus, I share my thoughts, experiences, and opinions about the art and craft of writing, the publishing industry, and producing ebooks. On my fiction blog, Jaye’s Love Affair With Genre Fiction, I talk about books and writers, and often have guest writers who share their passions.

Producer. I love ebooks. I especially love my Kindle (I named it Larry). It is my firm belief that ebooks can be more than a mere delivery system for words. Readers deserve no less that the very best looking, pleasurable-to-read experience I can produce. Ebooks can be beautiful and I’m on a mission to make them as beautiful as I can manage.

Independent. I’m not sure if that’s who I am. It is certainly what I am.


Three independently produced ebooks–by me! If you’re interested in seeing more about the books, click on the cover.

There you have it, the inside scoop on some of the things that make up me, JW Manus aka Jaye. Oh! One more thing. I like clouds. Especially clouds that look like butts.




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