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Even More Squash.

You know, planting a squash plant means planting the gift that keeps on giving. Yellow summer squash has a very delicate flavor and I like it a whole lot better than zucchini, although I certainly do use zucchini in many … Continue reading

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A Guide To The Jackson Family Feud

The recent Jackson family drama has taken second place to real news this week, so I’d like to offer assistance to those who haven’t been able to keep up.  First, Paris, Michael’s orphaned (unless you count her mother) daughter  tweeted … Continue reading

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The Mall of Alberta

I missed posting last Wednesday because I was in Edmonton. For those of you who have no idea where that is, here’s a map. Edmonton is a quiet, understated city in the middle of Alberta (Canada), nestled in flat, lake-speckled farmland. … Continue reading

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All that extra squash…

Don’t waste it. I’ve been harvesting so much summer squash – making pasta and stir fry and squash omelettes and stuffed squash.  I decided to make some summer squash quick pickles. They turned out to be crispy and refreshing – … Continue reading

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Project Runway Season 10

I have absolutely no interest in fashion.  I live my life in baggy cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirts.  The last dress I wore was of the bridesmaid variety and you can imagine what that looked like.  Actually, you can’t imagine.    … Continue reading

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A twinge of envy.

I felt a twinge of envy this morning while hiking.  I stepped aside so a woman around my age could jog and hop down a particularly steep, rocky section. Once I could do that.  Not now.  But then I remembered … Continue reading

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Who put that tea in my beer?

Today, I’m going to talk about beer. Not just your average, pale-yellow frat boy beer that requires no thought to consume. I want to talk about beer hand-crafted by microbreweries, the indies of the beer industry. Specifically, I want to … Continue reading

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