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Nature Finds A Way.

From my hero, Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park:  Life finds a way. Sorry – I’ve been remiss.  Should have posted long ago.  Here are a few pictures from my backyard, showing the many ways life does find an unexpected way. Advertisements

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Garden Update.


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Here we go again… Restaurant Rant!

My husband says I’m a real bitch when it comes to food.  Guilty as charged. I’m still gagging over Friday night.  This was the second time we’ve been invited by another couple to meet for dinner at a restaurant of … Continue reading

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Variations on a Theme. Mixing My Food Metaphors.

My husband is a big fan of scallops.  Me?  Not so much.  I hate biting into a piece of grit and scallops tend to be gritty/sandy.  Regardless of my personal feelings about scallops, once in a while I’m willing to … Continue reading

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Three… three… three meals in one!

So I stopped by Whole Foods the other day to pick up some probiotics.  I don’t often shop at Whole Foods, not because of the prices – Whole Foods in our community realized they’d have to keep their prices in … Continue reading

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Zatar-crusted achiote lamb chops with smacked herb potatoes.

Yes, I am mixing my food cultures because I love Zatar, a wild thyme mix treasured in the Middle East and I love asada (as in carne asada) spice rubs- achiote – made with a mixture of my own chili … Continue reading

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Attack of the Scary-Ass Lemons!

Here we go again.  Finished harvesting except for those lemons we absolutely could not reach.  I have seven+ bushels of lemons from which I now have to make lemon curd.  I think I could supply an entire Marine battalion with … Continue reading

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